Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hello Cruel World

This blog will be about my life as a heterosexual bloke finding his way in the hostile world of Edinburgh - where there is little space for people like me. I hope you follow me in my continuing adventures. Along the way, I'll introduce you to my father - who greatly admires my sexual prowess - and my cousin who might pop in to tell you things about me too.

Also, through describing both my situation and my daily life, I hope to give the world a real insight into what life holds for a straight man in a small (sort of) counrty called Scotland, part of the Britsih Empire.


  1. Be sure to let us know if the Scottish police take you away for not drinking enough or dissing haggis. We'll get the AP right on it.

  2. Jock, how the hell can I NOT follow a 1. straight 2. Scottish guy named 3. Jock? I'm a gay New Yorker guy (great-grandmother, Mary Stewart-- I kid you not -- from Edinburgh). I hope some of your gay mates will jump in from time to time to give us their assessment of you as well.